вторник, 10 февруари 2015 г.

one-way call

i am jumping
under the arc of my arms
with my face in my hair
(it`s this cold April air)
it is not a nice dream
under the stars.
there is nothing so nice
in my horrified eyes

In my eyes, a observer
could see everything clear:
the cliffs, growing bigger,
the trees, growing bigger,
the radiant spectrum
of the light of my fear
The far, growing bigger
my heart, growing bigger

It is not a nice dream
It`s so high, I am falling
for hours, for years,
I am so out of tears,
and I`m so out of screams
In the end, its the calling
of the ground that is left
Only falling is safe.

I am jumping, under
the arc of my arms
And the dream is not nice
but i`m closing my eyes
And the trees just draw closer
and the cliffs just draw closer
and with eyes shut, its calm
in the wind of their call

its a mastery
to keep yourself whole

P.S. хубаво е да слушаш Low roar, David Flynn и The Lumineers.
като билков чай с мед за слуха са.
това след Дилън и Джоан Баез, които те атакуват като отлежал сайдер.
чашата дъжд с лимонов сок е Ray Lamontagne.

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